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The ATF Is Out Of Control, And Our State Politicians Can’t Be Bothered?

| February 13, 2022 | 0 Comments

Since Joe Biden took office, WGO has sounded the alarm!!! 

 We urged Wisconsin legislators to pass 2A Sanctuary immediately, warning Wisconsin could ill afford to wait to pass state-level protections for gun owners. 

 They handed us excuses such as:  

  •  “You don’t know what you are doing.” 
  • “It will never pass.” 
  • “Evers won’t sign it.”
  • “You don’t understand how it works around here.”
  • “We have to wait for a new governor.” 
  • “You are being alarmist.” 
  • “You are hurting the cause.” 

 We’ve heard these all before; they all essentially mean the same thing: “GO AWAY! WE DO NOT CARE!” 

However, because WGO activists like you didn’t let up on the pressure, the WI GOP has finally acquiesced with a slew of pro-2A legislation, one of the most extensive pro-2A overhauls of Wisconsin gun law in history.  

But these bills do us no good stagnating in the legislature. If the bills are not passed and signed into law, they are no better than empty promises.

Not to mention 2A Sanctuary has gone by the wayside, without even a fight.

They have refused to pressure Governor Evers and the anti-gun Democrats.

Both in Madison and Milwaukee, crime is sky-rocketing, and pro-2A politicians act as if they have no options to override Evers veto. This is false.

 The GOP had, and still has, all the leverage in the world to get these bills signed into law.  

 Yet, they refuse to do anything but the bare minimum. 

 Now, everything WGO warned them about is coming to pass.  

 The ATF under the Biden regime is coming after gun owners in force, using every rule-making tool in its arsenal. 

 With these rule-making abilities, the ATF has created a secret gun registry by collecting the data of FFL sales transactions across the country. 

 On top of this, the rogue agency is changing definitions within the National Firearms Act 1934 to outlaw bump stocks, forced reset triggers, and who knows what they will outlaw next. 

 The ATF has a blank check to crack down on “gun crime,” which is gun-grabber code for “harassing law-abiding American gun owners.”  

 We saved the filibuster, but that isn’t stopping the gun-grabbers because they have an ATF workaround in their back pocket.  

 The ATF only needed a green light to use its rule-making abilities to go after gun owners. With the inauguration of Joseph Robinette Biden, the ATF was given that green light to go after lawful gun owners by any means necessary.  

 The BATFE coppers can change definitions, side-step Congress and create secret gun registries using the records of out-of-business FFL’s.  

Fifty-four million gun owners are now in a federal database managed by the ATF and other federal investigatory agencies.  

We NEED to act NOW!  

Email or Mail the letter below to your Representative, telling them they must act immediately to protect Wisconsin residents from the belligerent ATF. Find your legislators here  

Pre Written Letter

 Dear <_____>, 

 I am a resident of Wisconsin, a member of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO), and a person who values my constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  

 Recently, the ATF has acted in alarming and unprecedented ways. Side-stepping Congress, changing the purview of the National Firearms Act (1934) and Gun Control Act (1968) using rule-making and changing definitions, as well as creating a secret gun registry by harassing FFL’s for their records.  

 Repeatedly, we have seen that the federal government is acting in unconstitutional and belligerent ways. It has no interest in what the states or their citizens want and is guaranteed by the Constitution.  

 The recent actions by the ATF are why I am urging you, in the strongest possible terms, to pass immediate protections for gun owners in Wisconsin. I ask you to push to revoke the ATF’s jurisdiction in Wisconsin, pass 2A Sanctuary alongside the other pro-2A bills in the legislature, and nullify the NFA and GCA on the state level.  

 Wisconsinites do not deserve to be harassed by a belligerent federal government for exercising their rights. 

 WGO will keep me updated. 

 Thank You, 


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