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Video: Why Anti-Gun Politicians Despise WGO

| February 24, 2022 | 0 Comments

Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc (WGO) launches its new media program with an ad that goes straight to the heart of the problem: Lying politicians.

Speaker Robin Vos and legislative leadership have consistently given little to no resources for legislation that would protect 2A rights in Wisconsin.

Executive Director Thomas Leager says, “Though we currently have a slew of proposed pro-gun legislation in the legislature, these bills are stuck in limbo. Republicans claim that there is no way that this legislation will get signed by Tony Evers. So they let it linger in the legislature, hoping Wisconsinites become apathetic about their rights. In short, the GOP is not willing to do what it takes to protect gun owners in Wisconsin from a belligerent Federal government and its ATF goons. Considering the recent arrests of Matthew Hoover (CRS Firearms YouTube) and the raids on manufacturers of binary triggers, WGO sees the writing on the wall and is asking our state government to give us the most basic of protections. That is why we are launching our video alert program so that we can talk directly to our members and discuss the challenges we face as Americans defending our right to bear arms.”

WGO has just launched its  YouTube Channel

And will soon have an account on the free speech video platform Rumble.

Content will be forthcoming, and WGO says it has plans to begin releasing regular video alerts to its subscribers and members.

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